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Thank you for learning more about me. In addition to being a product and program manager who enjoys writing:


Thank you for learning more about me. In addition to being a passionate product management leader...

  • I launched an independent product management practice in 2020

  • I am a proud Eagle Scout

  • I am an Indiana Pacers fan

  • I am a graduate of Culver Military Academy

  • I completed American University's School of International Service Combined BA/MA Program in five years earning two international relations degrees with a focus on U.S. foreign policy and national security

  • I have studied in Brussels, Belgium twice, once while at Culver and once as an undergrad at American University. Even having studied in Brussels twice I still can't speak any comprehensible French or Flemish.

  • I studied in China while at Culver and took Chinese language courses in undergraduate and graduate school. Unfortunately my Chinese is also largely incomprehensible at this point.

  • I was a 2013 Presidential Management Fellowship finalist

  • I enjoy weight training and my current training goal is three reps of squats and deadlifts each at 300 lbs.

  • I learned the hard way that it's best to try painting after having already mastered sketching

  • I enjoy cooking and gardening, and my wife thinks I am actually good at both

  • I am the proud "dog dad" of one rambunctious standard schnauzer

    For a professional profile and overview of my writing please visit my LinkedIn page

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